Sunday, July 03, 2022

Doing Nothing

I just never get enough time to do nothing.

There always seems like there is something that must get done,

as annoying as that is.

My very favourite thing really is to do very little.

I like doing nothing.

If only there was more time to do it.

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day,

to sit and contemplate.

You know, to really give thinking a go.

Refection a go.

Stillness a go.

I think I must have been a philosopher, under a tree, in a past life,

if, indeed, there was a thing as a past life, which I am pretty sure there isn't.

If only there was enough time to give it some thought.

(or, perhaps, I was a sloth, I could be so lucky to be one of these majestic creatures)

I think that is why I like getting up early, no one to disturb me, except my cat Milo, but he is warm, and soft, and he just lies next to me and purrs gently.

I wish 6am could last all day, that's what I wish for,

that is, if wishes meant any thing at all.

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