Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Stupid Me

6am. Boo Hoo I am up. I’m going to the office. It’s dark, as you’d expect. (I mean mood, as much as I mean light) I should have said no. I did say no. Boris talked me into it. Stupid me.

There is not one positive thing I can say about going to the office. It is just a waste of time, as we have proven since March 2020. 

We're going through what I have to do while Boris is on holidays. Oh, good for her going on holidays. I should have said no.

Now, where are my black shoes?

Oh well, it could be worse, at least I walk to the office. Although, my stupid heel is still sore, so It will be half walk and half tram this morning, I suspect.

Anyway, I can't sit here all morning, sadly. Got to go...

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